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Fishing Tour in Khövsgöl National Park



Usually size of Mongolian fish is comparably big and really challenging experience to catch. Specially Taimen, the largest in salmon family, that you can catch at Tengis, Shishigt river in Khövsgöl aimag.

Average size of Taimen is 33 inches long and has about 10 pounds weight. During this fishing tour in Khövsgöl National Park, the chances to catch bigger than that size is relatively high at those rivers.

Staying in fisherman’s lodge and enjoying the beauty of the peaceful nature is unforgettable time and opportunity to escape urban lifestyle.

With this tour, we give you an opportunity to open the gate to untouched wild life, explore the beautiful landscapes and experience Mongolian ancient history and nomad lifestyle. Our friendly team provides you personal and timely service and unforgettable memories. 

We don't have predefined tours, we will create a tour together according to your wishes : you can choose the duration, the activities, and the treks you want to do.

Price based on Pax


*All these prices are /person /day.

It doesn't include the transfer from Ulaan-Baator. Booking tickets on Mongolian websites can be hard, so if you want we can book them for you (by plane or bus // we don't add charges on it).

Services included

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All entrance fee

All meals


Transfers during tour

Driver & Guide

Camping equipment

Alcoholic Beverages

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Services not included

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International Airfare

Travel Insurance

Personal Expenses



Example of What you can fish



  • Taimen family: Salmonidae (Salmonids).

  • Range: North-Central Asia (Mongolia and Siberia).

  • Habitat: Rivers and lakes. Prefers large, flowing, shallow, cold rivers with deep pools.

  • Size and weight: Up to 200 pounds (90kg) and 7 feet (2.1m) long. Commonly over 20 pounds (9.5kg).

  • Food: Rodents, lemmings, mammals, birds, mice, smaller fish.

  • Fishing: Best results with simple mouse patterns and very large hooks. streamer flies, surface and swimming lures and plugs, spoons and spinners. Also ink-tips and sinking lines works well. Best seasons are May/June and September / October.

  • Others: The Taimen, the world’s largest salmonid, is a relativley unknown fish in the western hemisphere. It is a hard-fighting and a ferocious predator that will eat everything they can fit in their mouth. Spawns in May.



  • Family: Salmonidae (Salmonids).

  • Range: North-Central Asia (Mongolia and Siberia).

  • Habitat: Rivers and lakes. Prefers large, flowing, shallow, cold rivers.

  • Size and weight: Up to 40 inches long. Commonly between 16 to 25 inches

  • Food: Insects (aquatic and terestrial), caddis, mayflies, mice, small fish.

  • Fishing: Lighter fly rods, mice patterns, streamers, dry flies, hoppers, floating lures.



  • Family: Esocidae (Pikes).

  • Range: Northeast and Central Asia, Amur river system.

  • Habitat: Prefers cold and well-oxygenated rivers.

  • Size and weight: Up to 30 pounds (12kg) and 3 feet (0.9m) long.

  • Food: Insects (aquatic and terrestrial), mice, small fish.

  • Fishing: Not common fish in Mongolian lakes and rivers and therefore not well-known places for fishing reported.

Good to know

Travel style & Difficulty

Get ready ! Must be in good health as this trip is mostly compromised of camping in the wild.

Good to know

Best time to make this trip

Between July and October.


We believe that comfortable, welcoming accommodation is vital to the enjoyment of your trip. You will sleep in ger camp and hotels.


Meals are prepared by our chef. It will include BBQ, traditional and western dishes. Please let us know in advance if you are a vegetarian.

Personal things to bring with you

Warm layers of clothing are the best such as bring a waterproof jacket. All your camera equipment. Your fishing equipment.



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