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Our Camp is situated in Khatgal, in the south of the Khuvsgul Lake. 

It’s easy to find us, just ask someone for Mongol Ujin Camp.

The camp is located in the north of the country, a day's drive west of the capital, on the edge of the idyllic village of Khatgal on Lake Khuvsgal. It is the largest freshwater lake in Mongolia and the picturesque landscape is ideal for walks, horseback riding an road trips to the outback. 

There are various shops, cafés and restaurants within walking distance in the village, as many tourists come here in summer. The most convenient thing, however, is of course to be cooked for by Davaa directly at the camp. A wide variety of traditional dishes are served here and you can prepare yourself for the culinary delights of Mongolian country life. Accommodation is provided in a nomadic tent, also known as a ger, which is heated and cosily furnished. There were communal areas for socialising, campfires and indoor and outdoor play facilities. 

The camp is also the perfect starting point for adventures in the surrounding area. If you don't just want to marvel at the unique landscape from the car window, you should switch to a horse. Whether you want to ride out for one day, several days or even weeks, it is definitely worth it! This is a wonderful way to combine sporting activities with sightseeing and to immerse yourself in Mongolia's tradition as an equestrian nation. Many families here still live as nomads and change location with their herds depending on the season. A visit to their home is an interesting and unforgettable experience which invites you to linger. 

Davaa can fulfill every traveller's dream and cater to individual wishes. Her many years of experience in tourism in various parts of the country, her ingenuity, enthusiasm and open-heartedness make her the perfect hostess. It is important to her that her guests feel comfortable, interact with the local people and have an unforgettable time with positive experiences. 

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Your adventure begins with your ride to come here !
Our country is very large, and we are located at 780km from the capital.



By Plane to Ulaanbaatar

You arrive by plane to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. It's the only international airport. From there, you can go in the city center by taxi.


By Bus or Plane.
From UB to Murun

Then you can fly to Murun or take a bus from Dragon station in the East of Ulaanbaatar.
We can book tickets for you if you need (we don't add charges on it).



By Bus or Taxi.

From Murun to Khatgal

You can take a taxi to come to Khatgal, the price is around USD 45. It will take around 90 minutes. 

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