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Endless steppes, friendly people, a centuries-old tradition... 

Mongol Ujin Camp is all this and much more. Our camp was built in 2011 in Khatgal, 300 m far from Khövsgöl Lake banks. In almost 10 years experience in hosting travelers and 20 years in tour operator, we had the chance to meet thousands of people coming from all over the world. We understand that you need for a memorable, yet confortable experience away from home. We would be pleased to show you the authentic nomadic lifestyle.

Be our guest during your journey in the heart of Asia,

and we'll finally make your dream of freedom come true! 

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Sleep in a Traditional Mongolian Ger


Your nomadic experience starts from the "ger". This traditional round tent is equipped with bed frame, mattress and blankets. A wood-burning stove is also up and running at cooler temperatures

Here you can have your own ger, or share it with other adventurers from the four corners of the world

Ride on a Tour


If you want to see and feel the real Mongolia, we invite you to one of our tour. 


Our mission : make you experience the deep connection between Humans and Horses, but also give you the chance to explore the real life of Mongolian Nomads and their cultural heritage


Don't be afraid if you are a beginner!

We offer all level of riding tours.

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Live as a nomad


Apart from its wonderful landscapes, the main beauty of Mongolia lies in its people and in its traditional and unique way of life. We would be pleased to introduce you to a nomadic family during your trip!


When you'll open your ger door in the morning...

When you'll breath the fresh and pure air...

When your eye will wonder over the vaste grasslands of steppes....

... You'll know that you have reached the land of wild horses and Genghis Khan's children. 

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