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Mountain Meditation Tour



It is common knowledge that nature not only provides us with what we need, but also has a healing effect on us, especially in hectic times like these. But did you know that there is no better place for such an experience in self-awareness than Mongolia? Untouched nature, breathtaking expanses and the knowledge of centuries-old nomadic culture.

Unwind and find yourself in the unique seclusion of northern Mongolia, far away from civilization, everyday stress and mobile phone reception.

Possible activities:

  • Self-meditation within the sounds of the forest

  • Guided group meditation

  • Yoga, Chi Gong and breathing exercises

  • Hikes and day trips on horseback in the countryside

  • Philosophical discussions and cultural exchange

  • Music and dance

  • Day of silence without the slightest verbal communication

The activities can be individually adapted to the needs of the group and organized flexibly and spontaneously. The group size should vary between 10 and 20 people.

Price based on Pax


*All these prices are /person /day.

Price for 5 days is USD 1000.

This does not include the transfer from Ulaan-Baator to Mongol Ujin Camp in Hatgal. Booking tickets on Mongolian websites can be confusing, so if you want we can book them for you (by plane or bus // we don't add charges on it).

Services included

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All entrance fee

All meals


Transfers during tour

Driver & Guide

Camping equipment

Riding & Pack Horses

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Services not included

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International Airfare

Travel Insurance

Personal Expenses

Alcoholic Beverages



Example of Itinerary

Day 1.

Start at Mongol Ujin Camp.

Half-day to one-day ride to the meditation place.
Location depends on the season and weather, somewhere in the mountains.

Day 2.
Meditation and other activities.

Day 3.
Trek in the middle of nowhere, listen and watch nature, alternatively visit and enjoy the Hot Springs.

Day 4.
Meditation and other activities.

Day 5.

Back to Mongol Ujin Camp.

Good to know

Good to know

Travel style & Difficulty
You must be in good health and in moderately good shape. There is some light walking, light to moderate hiking, and camping in the wild.

Best time to make this trip

Between June and September.

Camping (Tent, Tipi)

It will include organic healthy food. Please let us know in advance if you are a vegetarian. Alcohol is not provided on the trip.

Personal things to bring with you
Camera - Cycling shorts - Good Shoes - Hat & Sunglasses - Waterproof clothes



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